Speaking French better – FLE

This course will enable you to improve your French. You will understand requests better, you will communicate and write better whatever your starting level. You will improve your pronunciation, make your expression more fluid and enrich your vocabulary. You will master increasingly complex sentence structures.

Objective(s) : To improve pronunciation, to better understand requests, to better communicate, to better write.
Public : Foreign, international workers.
Prerequisites : None. First and foremost, I will assess the real needs of your employees: we start where they are, and move them forward. Whether they have recently arrived in France or need to improve their French, the training will be adaptive and fun.
Duration : 14 days (20h)
Type : Face-to-face or live video

Individual : 1600 €
Intra group : 3150 € (regardless of the number of people)
Basic price per person excluding certification.

Module A2

Pronunciation :
Nasal vowel
[ch] and [j]
[u] and [ou]
[s] and [z]

Expression :
Formal address and informal address.
Common vocabulary including professional vocabulary, gender of nouns.
The sounds of the French language: spelling of words.
Pictorial expressions.
Conjugation: past compound, present, near future.

Spelling :
Transcribing sounds.
Agreeing determiner/noun/adjective.
Conjugate subject/verb.

Learning methods

Role-playing and situational exercises.
Board games.

Other modules

The content will be adapted to the strengths and weaknesses of the learners, depending on the position held, the language of origin and the points of resistance of French grammar (prepositions, the future simple tense, use of the subjunctive and other modes, concordance of tenses, etc.).
Working basis: European Framework of Reference for Languages.