How to write without mistakes (when you already write almost without mistakes…)

This course enables people with basic spelling skills to improve and refine their professional writing.

Objective(s) : Refresh your knowledge, create new reflexes, learn to use the spellchecker.
Public : For people who already have basic spelling skills. Enables them to improve and refine their professional writing.
Prerequisites : Have basic spelling skills.

Duration : 20 days (53h)
15 hours with the trainer / 35 hours of e-learning / 3 hours of certification.
Type : Face-to-face, live video or blended

Review grammar rules

Subject-verb agreement: simple cases, complex cases.
Noun-adjective agreement.
The agreement of the past participle without an auxiliary.
The agreement of the past participle with be or have.
Past participle agreement – difficult cases.
Matching numbers and colours.
Grammatical homophones: identify the grammatical category of words to write them correctly.


Words and expressions that are often misused.


People’s marks.
Morphology of the tenses.
Concordance of tenses (after that indicative; although + subjunctive).
Future or conditional.
Subordinate with if.

Reviewing your writing

Proofread effectively.
Learn to use the spellchecker.