Write an informative and entertaining company newspaper

The company newspaper is a valuable internal and external communication tool. How to make it attractive? This course introduces the rules of journalistic writing and layout. It includes the necessary theoretical input, observation of journalistic writing as well as practical exercises in page composition and writing.

Objective(s) : Learn the rules of journalistic writing in order to produce an effective and entertaining company newspaper; learn the rules and tricks of layout; write in a punchy style.
Public : Communication and Human Resources departments.
Prerequisites : None.
Duration : 1 day (7h)
Type : Face-to-face or live video

Individual : 560 €
Intra group : 1120 € (regardless of the number of people)
Basic price per person excluding certification.


  1. Content of a newspaper, an article :
    a. Editorial line and proximity laws
    b. The choice of the angle
    c. The key message
  2. Structure of an article
    a. Title, cap, attack and punchline
    b. The funnel structure
    c. Journalistic genres
  3. Form and layout
    a. The reading circuit
    b. The Golden Number
  4. Writing
    a. Conciseness
    b. Play and originality, exercises in style
    c. Writing for social networks


Presentation of the rules of journalistic writing.
Observation of authentic writing.
Exercises in style.
Page composition.