How to write without mistakes (or almost…)

This course, which is accessible to dyslexics, helps them to review the basics by simplifying grammar and developing new reflexes for effective proofreading. Numerous exercises will enable you to discover and appropriate the spelling rules and to learn how to use the automatic corrector, in a reassuring and caring atmosphere.

Objective(s) : Review or acquire the basics of spelling.
Public : All publics. Accessible to dyslexics.
Prerequisites : None.
Duration : 20 hours with the trainer, 3 months (optional e-learning 35 hours and certification)
Type : Face-to-face, live video or blended

Prices :
Individual : 1600 €
Intra group : 3150 € (regardless of the number of people)
Basic price per person excluding certification and e-learning, optional

Review grammar rules

Grammatical homophones.
Subject-verb agreement: simple cases, complex cases.
Noun-adjective agreement.
The agreement of the past participle without an auxiliary.
The agreement of the past participle with be or have.


People’s marks.
Morphology of the tenses.
Concordance of tenses (after that + indicative; although + subjunctive).


Adverbs in -emment/-amment.
Invariable words.
Words often misspelled.

Reviewing your writing

Proofread effectively.


Words and expressions that are often misused.