Effective and attractive e-mail communication

On a daily basis, we receive or write dozens of e-mails. However, most of us have never been trained in this important part of our work. This course will teach you how to save time, while improving your efficiency in managing your emails.

Objective(s) : To write clear, warm and effective emails.
Obtain time-saving tools.
Public : Professionals who write emails.
Prerequisites : None.
Duration : 1 day (7h)
Type : Face-to-face or live video

Individual : 560 €
Intra group : 1120 € (regardless of the number of people)

Preparing an email

Define the objective, adapt to the recipient.
The notion of positive intent.
A model of personalities.

Organising ideas

Choose a plan.
Use linking words.


The rules of good manners.
Lighten his style.


Avoiding common spelling mistakes

Future or conditional?
“Transfer” or “transfers”?
The past tense with the auxiliary have…

Proofreading effectively

Drawing up a charter of good mail practice.