How to manage a conversation in English
Level 2

This course will enable you to go further in English, to increase your vocabulary, to master the use of the different tenses of the conjugation, to manage conversations on topics with which you are less familiar and with a faster flow. You will improve your fluency and understand the subtleties of conversation.

Objective(s) : To achieve levels A2 to B1 in English.
Public : Anyone who wants to become more fluent in English.
Prerequisites : English A1.
Durée : 20h
Type : Face-to-face or live video

Individual : 1600 €
Intra group : 3150 € (regardless of the number of people)
Basic price per person excluding certification.

Choice of vocabulary

Common vocabulary adapted to the trainee’s needs (according to his/her objectives, position in the company, field of activity).

Working arrangements

Conversation, listening to dialogues, pop songs, video, written exercises.
Certification if required.


Initial assessment of real needs: positioning test.
Revisions if necessary.
The tenses of conjugation: formation and use, concordance of tenses, irregular verbs.
The passive voice.
Comparative and superlative.
Questions tags.
Verbs with prepositions.
Any request from the trainee on a specific grammar point.

Final evaluation: placement test.