How to manage a conversation in English
Level 1

This fun and comprehensive course will allow you to brush up on the basics of English grammar while reviewing or acquiring the necessary vocabulary. You will work on listening, speaking, conversation, reading and writing.

Objective(s): To achieve A1 level in English.
Public : Beginners or people who have not spoken English since high school.
Prerequisites : None.
Durée : 20h
Type : Face-to-face or live video

Individual : 1600 €
Intra group : 3150 € (regardless of the number of people)
Basic price per person excluding certification.

Choice of vocabulary

Common vocabulary adapted to the trainee’s needs (according to his/her objectives, position in the company, field of activity).
Any request from the trainee on a specific grammar point.
Any request from the trainee on a specific grammar point.

Working arrangements

Listening to dialogues, pop songs, conversation, video, written exercises.
Certification if required.


Initial assessment of real needs: dialogue with the trainer.
Introduce yourself, talk about yourself and your work.
Situate an event in time, in the day, express / understand a date, a frequency, a schedule.
Present simple and progressive, interrogative, affirmative and negative forms.
The simple and near future.
Numbers, asking and giving a price. Understand / ask questions.
Expressing need, obligation, prohibition.